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About Prime Star Sports Services

Dear Student & Parents,

Prime Star Sports Services, UAE is delighted to welcome you, we sincerely thank you for the trust put in us and providing us with an opportunity to enhance your talents and warmly welcome you on board for a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share our coaching philosophy. Sports can be exciting and fun for children to learn new skills and make friends. Our program is run in a very specific way that reflects our philosophy and our goal is to develop champions. Whether touring or holding an event at our world-class sporting precincts, you are sure to be inspired and discover the champion within!

Prime Star Ethos:

The overall ethos at our Academy is that the children participate in sports in a safe and friendly environment. Fun is the key element and fundamental to our teaching method to inspire, encourage and develop the children's skills. We have in place procedures to ensure all the children are treated fairly and equally and all of coaches are aware of their responsibilities.

Coaching Philosophy:

We believe that children can gain confidence and a love for the game through positive feedback from coaches, parents. Careers, skill levels therefore develop at different speeds for each child. So, always we would like to provide positive feedback for the child for the effort he/she puts in training. Attention span is often short with younger children. We strive to keep them active by having a well-structured and organized session.

Competition is an important element of any sport and as children grow, they naturally become more competitive. We don't talk to the children about winning games, we feel our role and that of the parents is to help the children develop the ability to deal with competition in a healthy way. Effort and attitude is our focus.

We work on teaching fundamentals and skills during sessions but when the child plays a tournament we believe it is their time to use what they have learnt in practice. We will only give instructions if we believe it will help their performance, our aim is to help them enjoy the match and feel confident.


  • To have fun and let children develop a natural love for the game.
  • To teach the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • To give positive reinforcement based on effort as opposed to results
  • To Provide a Safe Environment

Our philosophy highlights our commitment to the development of your child.

"Participation with passion, focus & determination" is the motto of Prime Star Sports Services and to encourage sporting excellence in our communities always remains our goal.

Together with our great programs & regular swimming, badminton, basketball & chess camps there is something for everyone at Prime Star Sports Services!!!

Prime Star Sports Services, focuses on delivering in the following key areas to reach our vision to ensure that everyone can enjoy Sports in UAE.

  • Participation – to encourage more kids and parents to participate in sports for leisure, health and fun
  • Development – to improve the delivery of sports in UAE through the development of learn to sports, clubs, volunteers, teachers and coaches and community partnerships
  • Performance – to improve the performance results of our UAE sports talent through coaching and through our continuously evolving performance program.
  • Corporate Services – to lead a cutting edge organization that supports our development, healthy living, and performance initiatives, including the attraction of resources to invest in sport

Mission Statement

Prime Star mission is to "Empower each athlete to reach their goals and help them to become champions in life and sports."

Vision Statement

Prime Star is the "epicenter" of progressive competitive sports. The main vision is to inspiring team performance through individual excellence by engaging mind, body, soul and spirit. Our model of excellence is built upon character, partnership, innovation, technology and implementation. It is embraced by our athletes, coaches, parents, friends, donors, media and the global competitive sports community.

Core Values

Prime Star helps in developing the core values for life. Competitive sports at Prime Star builds teamwork, character, discipline leadership, self-esteem, integrity excellence, Ethics and physical fitness; all of which can be used for a lifetime.

We sincerely hope you will find the various courses provided by this Academy interesting, enjoyable and rewarding in the long run.

Thank you for your invaluable patronage.

Prime Star Sports Services


To ensure proper functioning of the academy, it is important for all of us to follow certain terms & conditions and most of them are listed below. We request you to please go thru them carefully to avoid any ambiguity going forward.

Only Registered Members can take part in Prime Star Sports Services activities

Missed classes cannot be carry forward to next month for any reason. (Management may consider if medical certificate provided.)

Academy Attendance:

There is no doubt that the most influential variable on performance is attendance at sessions. It has been accepted for a long time that there is a high correlation between good swimming performance and a consistently high level of attendance at all prescribed training session.

To book schedule kindly pay in advance and block your comfortable schedule timing based on availability to attend the class.

  • The courses are offered on all weekdays.
  • Class duration based on levels and as per coach recommendation.
  • Every student is allotted a specific timing for each class and it is very important to follow these timings. Each student should be present before the beginning of the class.
  • In case the student is unable to attend the classes continuously for more than a month for whatsoever reason including academic school exams, vacations, medical reasons etc, such absences should be communicated in writing in the prescribed format to the Academy. This is important to avoid any possibility of such student losing already allotted schedules (Teacher, Class, Transport etc) due to such prolonged absence to another students requesting for similar schedules.

Our coaches and admin team will not have a power to accommodate the kid if the name is not in the schedule list of training on the particular day.

Fee Basis:

Annual Registration Fees Per Annum AED 200(Every 1st of January to be Paid).Document Required: Filled up Registration form, Passport Copy, Emirates ID Copy, Passport size photo and Sponsor PP Copy with Visa page and Emirates ID

Each month payment includes all holidays, breaks and any potential scheduled or unscheduled interruptions to training due to matters beyond our reasonable control, e.g. weather or maintenance. The fees cover coaching services and are not attributable to individual coaches. Whilst every effort will be take to ensure that training schedule remains consistent, occasionally sessions may be reduced and coaches may be substituted due to tapering and competitions commitments.

Fee is calculated on a monthly basis based on the number of classes per month the student is registered to attend.

  • 8/12/16/24 Classes per month basis, plan your dates for the month at the beginning of new month or end of previous month, based on the availability of the slot date and time will be given to student on first come first basis, in case of issue, management decision is final on this.
  • Students who withdraw from the program/training for any reason WILL NOT be entitled to a refund full amount if they have attended more than 2 sessions in a month, the fees paid comprise 30% administration and business costs and 70% tuition fee, if line with refund policy, upon commencement of tuition should a refund be requested, only the tuition fee will be refundable on a pro-rata basis on the remaining number of lessons' in the term. All refunds are at the discretion of the Prime Star Academy.

Please obtain all the fees structure and number of classes to be attended form the Coach & Admin team.

Payment of Fee:

  • Fees must be paid monthly in advance on of before taking the first class of every month.
  • Please collect the receipt for all the transaction without fail.

Refund of Fee for Missing Classes

  • There are no cash refunds offered to students who are absent for whatever reason.

Compensatory Classes in lieu of the missed classes

  • Compensatory classes are generally not provided in case of classes missed for whatever reasons (Holidays, Short term Sickness, School programs etc). However, at it's discretion, the Academy may consider granting the compensatory classes only under the following exception case:

    i: Unforeseen circumstances like medical illness, by providing valid medical certificate compensation classed may be considered by the Academy.
  • Compensatory classes, if any, agreed to be provided by the academy must be taken as per the availability advised by admin team before the end of the following month in which it was missed and the compensatory classes will not be carried forward beyond this period for what so ever reason.
  • Compensatory classes are NOT provided for the classes, which could not be conducted as a result of pubic holidays applicable to the private sector as published in the local newspapers.
  • Compensation classes will only be offered when classes have had to be cancelled by Prime Star Sports Services.
  • Transport will not be provided to the student for attending the compensatory classes.

Swap slot to be done minimum one day prior only. Slot Swap possible with in the same month only, provided the slot you are looking for is available.

Missed classes compensation cannot be given and no carry forward of classes to next month for any reason. (Management may consider if medical certificate provided.)

If Prime Star cancel the class it will be compensated or refunded.

Progress Report

We encourage the parents to obtain feedback regarding the progress of their children at regular intervals from the Coaches. However, we do not recommend parents directly calling the Coach/Teachers on their cell phones to discuss any matter including the progress of their children, since it may disturb their class proceedings. Any requests for meeting/discussion with the coach/teacher should be routed thru the reception to ensure setting up a mutually convenient time for such meeting/discussion.

Under any circumstances, parents and/or any other person will NOT be permitted to enter the class area whatsoever reason when the class is in progress.


Student should respect the co-students as well as the staff members of the Academy. Any unacceptable conduct of the student resulting in unnecessary hardship to the co-students, staff and also to the academy in any way will initially be communicated to the student concerned. In the event our effort do not yield the desired result and the student continues with his/her unacceptable conduct, the matter will be escalated to the parents for necessary action which may include a request for the cancellation for the registration of such student from the Academy.

The property belonging to the Academy as well as to others should be handled with care. Any cost incurred by the academy to repair/replace such property if damaged as a result of any deliberate attempt and/or negligence will be charged to the respective student. Further, the student should take care of their personal belongings and the institute will not take any responsibility for the safe keeping of such personal belongings.

Prime Star Sports Services reserves the right to exclude any person from lessons for a breach of these conditions or whom they consider unfit to take the provided sport activity, a danger to themselves or others or who are displaying abusive or disruptive behavior.

Only students registered for the course will be permitted on the play area.

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Swimming Students should take shower before entering the swimming pool
  • Swimming Student should wear appropriate swimming dress, goggles and swimming cap
  • All known illnesses and allergies of the student must be declared on the enrolment form.
  • Swimming Students should Wear anti-slip shoes / slippers on the poolside.
  • Running, Jumping and food are NOT allowed in the poolside.
  • Jewelry and watches NOT to be worn while attending lessons.
  • For Badminton & Basketball Student should wear appropriate sports dress and non-marking shoes.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to communicate with the Coaches during the class hours.

No liability will attach to the Prime Star Sports Services for incidents, which occur as a result of breach of terms & conditions.

We sincerely hope you will find the various courses provided by this Academy interesting, enjoyable and rewarding in the long run.

Thank you for your invaluable patronage.

Prime Star Sports Services


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