Hriday, my 11 year old; has been a swimmer since he was 4, and has been training at Prime Star Sports Services for a little over a year now. Along the way both he and my younger son took up Badminton as well. I think there can be no better testimonial than the simple fact that both my children are happy and feel that they belong with Prime Star. They train for long hours without cribbing, and never do I have to nudge them to go for training. That speaks volumes about how comfortable, secure and welcome they feel at the academy. As a parent, I like the warmth at the Academy and have seen my children grow and improve in their sport. Like any other place, there are areas they can improve and am sure as they grow, they will. Here's wishing the Prime Star team all the very best!

"Primestar is a fabulous sports academy ,where kids are trained to become true champions with the right spirit of life, moreover club has a great family atmosphere synchronized by coaches , parents and the management . We feel proud to be part of the prime star family "
Manoj Manoharan | Operations Manager, www.fosroc.com

Student Name: Aaryan Sriram | Activity : Swimmimg | Location : Egyptian Club

Commitment and focus leads to success' is something we have all heard but as part of the Prime Star family my child experienced how the commitment and focus of others can lead to ones success....Having trained with Head coach Fransir Sir since the age of 7, my son Aaryan learnt what dedication and single focussed pursuit of excellence can do. His time with Prime Star taught him that success is a by product when you are true to your passion. For Aaryan, his coaches are his friendsnd the swimming pool is his playground. It is definitely this teamwork that drives him and keeps him motivated and tirelessly keep swimming despite the rigorous schedule and hours of hardwork. We had started swimming classes for Aaryan with a very simple purpose: To somehow make him eat better and to ensure that he is not 'screen' addicted. Little did we realize that we had set him off on a path with his coaches as his partners which would shape him as a motivated, responsible and committed individual. I would like to also thank the management team of Prime Star for the warm yet professional environment where every problem faced, every query made is always answered...!

My twins Aradiita Sunder Iyer and Adwaita Sunder iyer (age 13) have been swimming for nearly four years and have participated and won medals at several competitions··including some prestigious ones like CBSE national India ,Open national India,Emirates cup etc···their medal count touching a hundred or more. They have been trained and nurtured by head coach `Francis···and are one of the first members of the primestar family.·· FAMILY it is indeed···where there is trust , faith ,compassion and care. An environment that is safe and secure. The ambience here is abundantly positive smiling faces of people who genuinely care ···and parents that are supportive of each other.We rejoice at the victory of every kid ··Winning has now become a habit with the students of primestar.The pool is our second home··a place that we look forward to going everyday. My kids have grown up here and will carry some beautiful memories of this place into their future.At primestar, the coaches and the management work with a passion to realise a dream···and their dream is to create champions.

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