If you are a beginner, or on the other hand you are a pro at the game and are used to rapid moves and exchanges, we know how we can make you shine for the world to see. "According to research, Test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities," states 4-time World Champion Susan Polgar
Fancy a long game or just a bullet or a blitz , the saying applies ‘TO PLAY SENSIBLE CHESS YOU NEED A SENSIBLE COACH AND A SENSIBLE BOARD’


We are there for you and we ensure the following:

  • Training that guarantees high performance within a short span of time
  • You will find opponents who will challenge you and lift your game to a new high
  • We will rate you and lift your game to the next level.
  • Will provide national and International tournament exposure.
  • Our aim is to expand the minds of everyone playing and learning chess through analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • If you learn fast and are good at tournaments, International training will be provided and the world players will be the ones with whom you will be competing with.
  • Academic Lessons Chess can be as simple, or as complex, as you allow it to be. A grid of 64 squares of alternating colors that represent a frantic battle between two opposing military forces, with the objective being to decapitate the army by removing the king.
  • There are a wide variety of strategies that can lead to victory, and the discussion of these strategies has taken place over countless decades of championships, dinner tables and games in the park. It’s not surprising that you’d be curious about this particular game, as it’s one of the most accessible, well-known activities of its type.
  • To start with, you’ll need a chess set, although you’re perfectly capable of either buying your own or playing on the computer, as many operating systems now come with chess as pre-installed software. This is simple to set up, and will allow you to read about new strategies online as you play, similar to Online poker and other games you can play via the mouse and keyboard.
  • You will also need some human opponents, as the computer can only teach you so much, and is often so infallible that playing one as a beginner can often be frustrating. Local chess clubs are numerous wherever you are, and it’s just a case of jumping onto the web and finding the nearest one to you.
  • Once you’re on your way and have played a few games, you’ll begin to develop your skills and even your own strategies. It’s important to keep reading, and sites like this one will help you establish yourself as a major player. When you’re ready, in time, you can even enter tournaments and grand championships.
  • So good luck, and enjoy your time controlling your forces on the board, as you’ll soon be a passionate, keen, smart chess player.

Begin your chess journey by going thru our Levels.

There are Five Levels. We are focusing on the first 4 Levels. Each Levels takes about 6 months, i.e. two 10-lesson units. Each Levels has a "Junior & Senior", such as Senior Level, which provides complementary material for the Levels and helps assimilate the knowledge, taught in the Junior Level. Senior Levels are highly recommended for most students to build a solid foundation. It takes about two to three years to finish 4 Junior Levels and 4 Senior Levels. We expect our students to reach the advanced level (1500) after the three-year training.

Goal of Pawn Junior Squad and Pawn Senior Squad: play a game from the beginning to the end confidently without any illegal move

Pawn Junior Squad: rules of chess, how pieces move, introduce attack and defend, check, checkmate

Pawn Senior Squad: advanced attack and defend, board vision, exchange, mate patterns, draw, passed pawn

Goal of Bishop Junior Squad and Bishop Senior Squad: To know most basic tactics, start playing chess tournaments.

Bishop Junior Squad: opening principles, basic tactics including: double attack, pin, eliminate defense, discovery attack, mate in two, and defend against mate

Bishop Senior Squad: simple pawn endings, mating net, how to defend, stalemate, route planner

Goal of Knight Junior Squad and Knight Senior Squad: skillfully utilize the tactics to win games, become intermediate players (above 800, may reach 1200 or higher)

Knight Junior Squad: deep diving on the tactics learned in step 2, defend against double attack, attack pinned piece, X-ray, mini plan, introduce positional thinking

Knight Senior Squad: key squares, pawn endings, opening revisit, development and tempo, intermediate move

Goal of Rook Junior Squad and Rook Senior Squad: be able to analyze a position, plan for attack or defense, become an advanced players (above 1500)

Rook Junior Squad: opening advantage, interfering, luring, blocking, think ahead, weak pawns, attack the king

Rook Senior Squad: seventh rank, end game strategies, trapping

Queen Squad: Advanced topics, R&D analysis on game pattern.

King Squad: Self study material, R&D analysis on game pattern.

Of course, even the best system requires hard work from the students. The students should play a lot of games, and work on thousands of tactic problems outside classroom, otherwise theory or knowledge will stay on paper and not in their games.

We wish your children could benefit from this wonderful system, and become confident, mature chess players who will enjoy chess for life.

Many research and numerous studies have shown that chess can strengthen a child's mental clarity, fortitude, stability and overall health.

Some of the valuable gifts that we receive in chess are not intellectual but psychological and emotional. Good chess players are on a dual track of being aware of and utilizing emotions as much as honing cognitive abilities.

When students are playing they are:

  • Learning how to accept responsibility for their decisions and choices.
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Reading a graph
  • Evaluating risk vs return scenarios
  • Establishing self discipline
  • Learning how to concentrate
  • Applying what they have learned in a test format
  • Using visualization techniques
  • Memorizing important patterns
  • Identifying repetitive decisions that lead to trouble
  • Learning social and team interaction skill sets in emotional settings
  • Create a record of their decisions by recording their moves in a game
  • Asking self critical questions such as "If I do this now, what happens to my position down the line a few moves later" In other words "How are my current decisions today going to affect me tomorrow, next week, next semester etc?"

Chess can be part of a child's curriculum starting from age 5 years and upward.

The child can be enrolled for a minimum of one class of 2 hours per week to obtain the benefits of chess.

Chess takes a weekend to learn and a lifetime to master.

Our beginner level deals with all the rules and laws of chess. The child needs up to 6 months to complete this level.

All members of Prime Star Sports Services will be provided with an International Standard Chess Kit and a Prime Star T-Shirt. We require that all students wear the Prime Star T-shirt and bring the chess set to class. The child also has to get a notebook with pens or pencils.

Chess Class are conducted at

Burdubai: Opal 5 Building
Tue: 4 to 6, Thu: 4 to 6, Sat: 10 to 12
Qusais/Muhaisnah: Indian Academy School - Behind Madina Mall
Mon: 4 to 6, Wed: 4 to 6

For Beginner and Rookie Level :
250 aed for 4 classes (8 hours) per month.
400 aed for 8 classes (16 hours) per month.

Prime Star aim is to make learning Chess fun and to create champions.

We utilize a learning system that ensures there are no gaps in student's knowledge. The student only moves onto the next level after he/she "qualifies" on each topic at the current level.

Our course introduces the psychological aspects of the game and avoids the pitfalls of less extensive courses. It would allow anyone of average ability to absorb all the rules and skills of chess that are necessary to become a strong chess player.

Chess tournaments teach sportsmanship, social skills and persistence. They provide excellent practice and generate motivation for improvement.

6 months to 1 year. When your child is familiar with all the rules of the game and can finish a game without any difficulty, He/She can start to play in tournaments.

There is nothing like being fully ready for tournaments. They will make mistakes; They may lose games and cry. They will also learn to accept the highs of winning and lows of losing as part of chess and life.

We don't need them to be perfect model student before being allowed to play in tournaments. This is like real life and not performance on stage. They grow up by learning from their mistakes.

Let them compete, get excited and get experience.

FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) is the governing body of chess in the world.

FIDE ID is a unique ID given to each player registered with them and is required to compete in Rated tournaments.

FIDE rating is a chess rating system used to calculate an estimate of the strength of a player, based on his performance versus other players.

All Indian nationals can get their FIDE ID through AICF (All India Chess Federation) or through their respective State Chess Associations

If you are interested in joining us, come on over to our club and see us. Then you can decide whether this is the club for you. Please let us be clear, you do not need to join the club immediately as we would also like some time to know you better. Join only when you feel comfortable that you will have an enjoyable time here with us. We would encourage you to contact us before you come.

Kindly fill up registration from, bring your Passport copy with Visa page, Emirates ID Card copy and one recent passport size photo.

You can reach us by calling 055 2007182 or connect with us through our Face Book Page: Prime Star Sports Services. If you like to keep updated with our latest news and events, do "like" us on our Facebook page.

We do provide classes for Adults.

Yes! We strictly do not tolerate any swearing or the use of foul language or bad sportsmanship during the games. You will be asked to leave the club for repeated offenses.

Additionally, we always encourage our players on court to exchange handshake after completing a game.

The session will usually last for one hour.

You are more than welcome to stay and watch your child. Alternatively, if you need to just drop and run, we are more than happy for them to be left in our care.

You will need to bring enough water, chess kit, pen, and notebook.

Then need to wear academy T-Shirt when they attend class.

Once you proceed onto class you will be greeted by our instructors/Coaches. Just let them know you are new and they will have you on their registers. The children will meet their instructor/coach, who will then assess their ability throughout the lesson to ensure that they are in the right class.

The first couple of sessions are all about getting your child comfortable with the academy, meeting the other children and getting them excited for the journey ahead.

Instructors will monitor your child and decide whether they need to move classes. If you feel like your child is progressing at a faster rate than some children, please chat to our admin team they will arrange a meeting with coach/teacher/instructor.

Kindly meet the admin team in the respective location, please feel free to raise any issues that you may have with them. The administrator will then feed these back to the instructor/coach.

We request the parents don't disturb the instructors/coach. We like their time to focus solely on teaching the children.

Alternatively, please email us at or call us on 055 2007182 to speak to your Manager.

The maximum number of trainees in each training group is 15 for each batch.

The rates are not negotiable.

For group training, credits will only be carried forward to the next month if there is an advance notice of at least 48 hours or if a copy of a medical certificate is produced within the next 12 hours after the training has started. Any last minute changes within 48 hours before the training commerce, without proper medical certification, will result in the deduction of credit as though he/she has attended the training. No refunds would be given for that session.

If a planned session is cancelled by the academy, then our main priority is to re-schedule the session.

If it is not possible to do so, we can transfer the lesson fee as a credit to the following month.

Classes depend on ability. Come to our center our coaches will take the assessment and advise on the right level.

Can be paid for by cash and any major credit or debit card.

Yes, Yes cash and Cards are accepted at the centers. Please ensure that you pay before the lesson.


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